Thursday, September 29, 2016


"Look, you little hussy. I know that you swapped me, and Ms. Andrews. I know you lied to me about finding out that I was cheating on you. But I don't really care, nor do I even want to go back to my own body." Sam told his girlfriend, Claire.

At first, he was angry that she did this to him. But the more time he spent in this body, the more he began enjoying it. Wielding sexual power as a woman definitely had it's perks, and he could get any man to do what he wanted. Even the added benefit of sex itself was enough to make him consider staying in this body.

Following Orders

I'm sorry for the word "deranged" being cut down like that. I wanted to restart it, but that would require me to rewrite the entire thing.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Shapeshifting Problem

"Oh, hey! What's up." Greg laughed, as he scooped both breasts under his arm.

Ever since he found out about his ability to shapeshift; things had become incredibly awkward for his girlfriend, Rachel. He would often change into women, and constantly flaunt those enticing bodies around her. She was tempted to sleep with him right now, but something was stopping her. "Like what you see?" He teasingly asked, smiling widely at her. "Ugh!" Was her only response, as she left the bedroom. Remembering exactly why she hated being around him during his transformation phase.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Big Stuff

Life had become a living hell for Mike after his Aunt Anne found that body swap spell. At first, she only used it for small stuff; then came the bigger stuff like job interviews, dates, and the worst one: her period.

He was always curious about the mind set of a woman, but this was too much. Everything hurt, he felt bloated, sick, and constantly moody. One minute, he'd be fine, and the next, he'd feel nauseous. It wasn't only physically straining, but mentally straining too. Even the act of keeping up appearances was exhausting. All of this coupled with a desire to just bash anyone in the head was enough to drive him crazy.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Screwed Up

Brian couldn't even whimper, as his body locked up in place. Feelings of immense pleasure coupled with extreme terror confused him.

Things between him, and this woman named, Laura; had gotten weird. Their normal sex routine had become boring, and stale to her. Which caused her to take extreme measures that resulted in him becoming a guinea pig. None of it was as bad as this, though. "Mmmfff." Brian tried screaming, but it came out muffled. "Oh, dear! I really screwed up this time." Laura looked at the piece of paper in worry, "It looks like you're stuck as a mannequin.". After hearing those words come from her mouth, his muffled screams became louder.