Tuesday, October 18, 2016


"She said I was grossing her out. Me! Her own boyfriend!" Tim complained to his friend, Steven.

Tim was devastated that his girlfriend's mom did this to him. But he couldn't do much about it, she was gone. Lynn had successfully stolen his body, and he was now forced to assume her role as a mother. It was too much for him to think about, though. He didn't want to face the facts, and tried blocking out his new identity in various ways. Everything about this body made him feel wrong. Even looking at his former girlfriend made things worse.

"Well, you did try to kiss her.." Steven replied back; noticing the distraught look on his friend's face. "Yeah, but I wasn't thinking straight." Tim mumbled back in embarrassment.

Monday, October 17, 2016


"Damn it! Not again! I'm going to kill her.." Samuel thought, as he looked deeply into his neighbor's cleavage.

Patricia was always a bit of a gold digger, and her attitude towards "useful" men reflected that. Of course, she was forced into dating these same men to schmooze them, but that's where Sam came in. He would take her place during these dates, and she would reap the rewards. Besides; it wasn't like he could stop her from stealing his body. She had the ability to do so, and could take it from him whenever she felt like it.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

My Bitch

"That's right, Mr. Matthews! You're my bitch now! You do as I say!" Gloria mocked her former boss, Jim Matthews.

By turning him into a brainless, cock craving slut; she effectively gained control of his job. Leaving him as the resident cum dumpster for every man, and woman that wished to take a ride. "I know you don't know who you are, and what I'm saying hasn't really sunk in yet, but you'll find out soon enough. Now be a good girl, and get my morning coffee." She smiled at the doe eyed bimbo known as Jane.

Losing Control

"Well, well. Looks like somebody's curiosity got the better of them. How about we get out of here, and have some fun?" A voice whispered throughout my head.

I couldn't help but notice the ring had stopped glowing after my body had transformed. I looked like an Amazonian Goddess of sorts, and the power of the ring coursed through my veins. I was beautiful, strong, and deeply sensual in every sense of the word. It all felt so amazing, but I couldn't deny how scared I was. That intimidating voice put me into a trance state. It made my entire being shiver, as it gently lulled me into it's grasp. My skin rippled, and convulsed with tremendous strength at the mere mention of it.

"As you wish, mistress." I found myself replying to it's wishes. I felt my body being controlled by this entity. Struggling to remain in absolute control of my own willpower. In the end: I completely gave myself up to this thing inside of my head. "That's a good girl. Let me handle things from here." The voice said with devious intent.

You Can't Take My Body

"What do you mean you're keeping my body? That's my body! You can't just keep it!" Rob yelled at his girlfriend's mother, Sophie.

During the past few weeks, they'd decided to swap bodies; giving each of them a break from their home life. Sophie was a nice enough woman, and he didn't mind lending his body to her. But then: she started overdoing it with the swap spell; often leaving him in very compromising positions without any help. He hated how much time she would spend as him, and it drove him nuts that he couldn't tell his girlfriend, Anna; thanks to the spell that was used. The worst part was that he was so used to being in this body that he was very convincing as her mother.

And now Sophie was telling him that she didn't want to swap back. She was having too much fun being a carefree teenager. Hell, she didn't even mind being her own daughter's boyfriend. This all felt like some cruel, impractical joke, but she was serious. "You can't really tell me what I'm allowed to do, Sophie!" She rubbed it in his face, as he gave her a death glare. "What about Anna? You can't seriously be okay with dating your own daughter!" He replied back. "Well, I can date whoever I want.  And I believe she's your daughter now."

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Devious (Part 2)

The next few days had been sheer torture for Roger.

Lucinda mocked, and tormented him; as he was forced to take on the role of a loving wife. Each day was a burden, but he needed to keep his cool. This was only a temporary thing (hopefully) and he'd be back as himself in no time. But what Lucinda didn't tell him was that the spell she had used was only a one time thing. Even if he had made it through the next few weeks, it wouldn't matter. She just enjoyed watching him squirm.

Next Thing I Knew

One minute, I was getting ready for work; and then the next, I found myself in this woman's body. I had absolutely no idea what was going on, but I did know that this body felt incredibly horny.

Something that needed to be alleviated quickly before I could attempt to figure out how this happened.